When Discouragement Sets In

by Jerry Senn

How do you deal with your discouragement? What do you do when you feel like you are at the end of your rope? You can give up and let go of the rope. Or you can tie a knot in the end of the rope through prayer, and hold on until morning comes.

Depression is one of the most common emotions of life. Nathan Kline, director of the Research Center at the Rockland State Hospital in New York, refers to depression as “the common of psychiatric ills.”

The prophet Elijah experienced depression. Even after a great victory for God’s cause, of which he was a part, he dealt with his depression by running as far away as he could get to hide from his enemies. 

Of course there are many factors involved in causing depression, and many factors are involved in dealing with it when it comes. I’m sure we have all tried a variety of methods to make it “go away” as Elijah did, there is one which usually works when it is tried.

In Elijah’s case, the end of rope was in his hand. He found himself in a cave, overwhelmed with despair. But, God came to him, not shouting criticism at him or trying to embarrass with humiliating remarks. No, it was a “still small voice”—a reassuring whisper—from God that brought him around. In the presence of God there is peace and joy.

Discouragement comes because we are in some way frustrated by our inability to cope. Coping power comes from God. You get in touch with God through prayer. Therefore, when disappointment comes, find your strength in God’s presence.

In His presence there is comfort,
In His presence there is peace.
When we seek the Father’s heart
We will find such bless’d assurance.
In the presence of the Lord.
Lord. Cover me, Lord, with 
Your presence.

(Dick & Melodie Tunney, 1988), #99