The Day After

by Jerry Senn

It’s Christmas day as I sit here thinking about the week end just past which was, like yours’, filled with joyous celebrations with family and other sincere believers in the truth of who Jesus is to us. As we reflect and experience the reality of His love we have renewed or conscious commitment to allow him to impact our daily lives.

Nothing on earth better prepares us for heaven than sharing those realities with those we love and who love us — family, friends and fellow lovers of Christ. Together we share and cherish the blessings found in our relationship with Him.

The days after Christmas these feelings warm us, comfort us and help us get through our down times, struggles and feelings or loneliness and emptiness. These God-given human emotions are His way of helping us treasure memories that identify and connect us, as part of a reality too wonderful to form into words, or even into coherent thoughts. “We are one body … and individually members one of another” (Romans 12:4, 5) — each member engaged, heart and soul.

The days after such experiences of oneness should help us securely store in our hearts what we have learned to trust mentally and experience emotionally — heart and head, valuing and embracing amazing moments as one.

“Looking to Jesus,
the founder and perfecter of our faith,
who for the joy that was set before him
endured the cross, despising the
shame, and is seated at the
right hand of the throne
of God”

“Our loving Father, we praise you for giving us both head and heart to know you intimately. Please help us see Jesus in Bethlehem and to see Him at Calvary, where with head and heart he surrendered his soul to the Father, for sinners like ourselves.” Amen!!!